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Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Are you more comfortable with rules and processes, or are you more interested in rule breaking for the greater good?

Successful rebel leaders often challenge expectations or norms to inspire and achieve results.

If you want to bring more joy in your life and at work, below are some suggestions to help you move in the direction of a rebel leadership style without confusing or offending others in the process:

  • Break away from the routine and purposely seek out new and innovative ideas and strategies. And YES, you can find new inspiration where routine and traditions exist.

  • Look for people who disagree with you and be willing to keep your mind open. Be keen on keeping conversations going by expanding upon the thought. For example, instead of saying "yes, but....", rather say “yes, and..."

  • Be authentic. Don’t hide who you are, or pretend to be someone that you are not. Instead, unveil yourself (strengths and weaknesses). You will gain respect and status in the eyes of others.

Today I invite to rethink the meaning of rebel leadership, break the habits of the the status quo, and seek out new ways to create and innovate. It will lead you to meaning and success.

Wishing you continuous success.

Your leader in Hope

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