Notable outcomes of coaching clients have reported:

Better Work-Life Balance

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How to take charge of your life and rebalance your  life 

With my unique program, I will help you find confidence, clarity, and purpose in your life, relationship and at work. My system is based on the following 6 phases and provides you the step by step you must follow to achieve the change you are looking for.

Discover and understand who you are, when you feel most alive and how you interact with the world 

 Desire to engage in the change. Growth needs do not stem from a lack of something, but rather from a desire to grow as a person.

Define (and understand) your needs and values.

Learn how to make the
right choices for the change
to happen.

Act upon it! Don’t look back
you are almost there.

Practice and build accountability
to enable these new choices to stick. You can’t unknow what
you now know.

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Her skill, authenticity, candor and unconditional positive support is a big part of the personal and professional growth I am experiencing.

Director of Business Solutions, Information Technology & Services


Nora has been my coach since 2017. She has helped me tremendously by improving my self-confidence, ability to read people, preparation for high visibility/high-pressure executive roles. 

Sr. Director Product Management, Computer Software


Nora is a dynamic intuitive coach and speaker who has a proven professional track record. She uses her knowledge in the field, as a trained coach and personality types to expertly shepherd those she works with and beside. An asset to all who work with her.

President, Professional Training & Coaching

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