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Creating a Morning Routine

Do you struggle to start a healthy morning routine and stick with it?

It can feel challenging to create a morning routine in the gripe of a busy life, especially when you feel anxious about the day ahead. Too many people wake up each day to a barrage of responsibilities that end up dictating the flow of their mornings. Most people have morning chores, need to make breakfast, get ready for work, take care of the kids and/or pets, and so on.

I am not suggesting you shirk your responsibilities. But a morning routine is just what you need need to be better prepared to handle everything on your plate each morning, decrease your stress, increase your productivity, boost your happiness, and more.

Below are a 3 step strategy you can use to create a morning routine that sticks:

1- Set the cues in place by connecting your morning routine to a specific action that you already do. For example, getting out of bed to cue the brain that it is time for a workout. You can put your workout clothes by your nightstand.

2- Try not to reach for your phone until you are done with your body and/or mind routine. It will fill your head with unnecessary thoughts and emotions.

3-Start small. For example, you can do 5 min of breathing, one sentence in your journal, 10 min of movement, 1 intention, 5 min saying out loud your values or powerful motivational messages.

4- Don't forget to track your progress.

I highly recommend you write out your routine and put it where you can see it easily when you wake up. Also, make sure it is on your calendar as a non-negotiable time. lastly, to make it easier for you to accomplish your healthy morning self-care routine, take steps the night before to lessen your load and make the things you need to do more convenient.

Are you ready to start a new healthier morning routine and stick to it? Tomorrow morning is your opportunity!

Today, I invite you to make time for things that you deem worthy. Your overall health and daily perspective are worth it.

Wishing you continued success and growth,

With gratitude,

Nora Paxton

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