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Hardwiring Your Brain for Positivity

What are the moments of joy in your life?

Our brain is designed for survival, it develops neural networks that continually look for, react to, store, and remember negative events. Which makes cultivating a positive mind a more sustained effort.

The great news is that our brain is an amazing and stunningly complex organ, that can change and adapt. If you consciously look for (bypass biases) and choose the good, you will feel happier and more peaceful, open, and caring towards others.

Positive thinking will not make all of your problems disappear. But maintaining it is critical when you want to achieve anything or simply improve the quality of your life. It will make your challenges seem more manageable and help you approach adversity in a more positive and productive way.

Below are some strategies you can use to incline your mind to the positive:

• Bring your mind to someone you love. Picture their face and hold that image for 15 seconds.

• Start your morning by delighting in small moments of joy. Such as the feeling of a kiss on your cheek, the smell of your coffee, the sunrise from your window, the smile of your child happy to see you...

• As you think about your schedule ahead, bring your mind to each person or group of people you will meet. Then wish them the best by repeating to yourself the following: "May you be healthy, may you be safe, may you be well, may you be happy."

• Appreciate the contribution you are making to the world. Bring to mind a central commitment, whether it’s supporting a business venture, leading a team, working on a project, or raising a child. Ask yourself: What is going well in this role? How am I contributing to it? To install that sense of appreciation and let it take hold, spend at least 15 seconds thinking about your contribution.

Happiness is a positive emotional state that we can develop with practice, ideally done in the morning to maximize its benefits throughout the day.

Today, I invite you to practice positivity and pay attention to joyful moments in your life. It will help you slowly start to transform your day and your life!

Wishing you continued growth and success,


Nora Paxton

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