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How candid are you with your leaders? With your team? The people closest to you?

Being candid is finding the right balance between praising and criticizing.

Have you heard the expression " If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all".? This advice may work for everyday life, but it has been proven a disaster when adopted by leaders.

When you are the leader of your organization, it is not just your job but your moral obligation to be candid. Exposing your organization to candor will help them understand that when you are challenging them and saying what you think a lot more clearly, you’re not doing it to be a obnoxiously aggressive, or to hurt anyone’s feelings, you are doing it because you care.

Remember Candor gets measured at the listener's ears not at the speaker's mouth. If you want to build a stronger relationship with your employees, you need to follow these simple principles:

  • Make it personal

  • Get it done

  • Understand why it matters.

Today I invite you to practice candor. It will transform the way your work with your team which ultimately will improve performance, reduce politics and make work more fun.

Wishing you continuous success.

Your leader in Hope.

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