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Improving Your Meeting Experience

Overall, what’s your view of meetings? What has caused this view?

Now, think about the most enjoyable meeting you’ve been a part of. What made it enjoyable?

As we are kicking the new year, so are company meetings.

Most meetings are simply the way things have always been done. And as a result, are often dreaded (and for good reason), but they don’t have to be that way. Meetings have to be a source of connection and inspiration. It should be your collaborative payoff after working alone on your tasks.

Lastly, meetings, if done well, can be uplifting, energizing and give you plenty of time to think, reflect, and pause.

Below are some strategies you can use to improve your experience and the benefits of getting together:

• Review your calendar and look for the meetings you attend regularly. Ask yourself what is their highest purpose and if they are adding value to your work (Is there anything I can let go of? what do I really to know? Does it deserve my attention?) or if you are adding unique value to them (What can I contribute? How am I showing up for the mutual benefit of all?). If the answer is no and you legitimately shouldn’t be there, begin crafting an appropriate exit strategy.

• If you regularly call meetings, think about whom you are inviting and give careful consideration to whether they need to be there.

• When you are in a meeting, think before you speak. Don’t talk just to talk. Ask yourself if your comments are nice and candid. Make sure you are adding value.

• Make sure to allow some space between meetings to digest, refresh, or prepare for the next one.

Today, I challenge you to rethink meetings. Pause before inviting and pause before accepting, and recognize that a meeting invitation is not a summons (you have the freedom of choice). If you are not quite sure, ask yourself what are you exactly afraid of.

Let me know how it goes,

Wishing you continued success and growth,

With gratitude,

Nora Paxton

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