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Leveraging Your Inner Voice

Can you think of a time when you needed to be able to focus, concentrate, and problem solve but instead were blocked by your inner thoughts/voice? What happened?

We all have an inner voice that we use to talk to ourselves. If you pause long enough, you’ll hear it. It’s your constant companion.

When it’s healthy, your inner voice is an asset. It can push, guide, and encourage you to do more than you thought possible. It also can help you control yourself and your actions, and create an understanding of who you are.

When it’s not healthy, it can turn quickly to exhausting chatter. Which can be frustrating and distracting.

The trick is not to make it go away, but rather to make it work more effectively for you, by quietening the babble and harness the power of your inner voice.

Below are some strategies you can use:

• If you haven’t ever thought about it before, spend some time getting to know the sound of your own inner voice. Listen to what it typically says.

• Recognize that there is a microphone in your head, but your inner voice shouldn’t always have free access.

• Think about how your inner voice shapes your identity and how you perceive yourself. Consider whether what it says is true. Challenge it.

Today, I invite you to keep talking to yourself, leverage your inner voice but in a more effective way. Be more introspective. Learn to harness its power and use it to help you, it will change the conversations you have with yourself and make you better able to navigate the world we live in.

Let me know how it goes.

Wishing you continued success and growth,

with gratitude,

Nora Paxton

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