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Time for a Break

How intentional are you about taking breaks? Why is this?

Our brains crave pauses that allow our minds to recover and reengage. Most great leaders allocate time to think as a critical component to their growth and success.

Incorporating small breaks between tasks or activities is also powerful to apply in your teams. The intention behind it is for your teams to share and respect these strategic breaks to help provide room to breathe, lighten their loads and reclaim their peace. It can only work if you give each other continued permission and reinforcement.

Remember opening up time will allow other things to enter in. Such as meaning, innovation, revelation, awareness about our emotions and behaviors, and of course joy!

Below are some strategies you can use to put a strategic pause to work in your life:

- When you stop working, be sure to STOP working. Don’t think. Don’t multitask. Just pause and relax your brain!

- If you are someone that tends to worry easily about things or have negative thoughts, make a specific “worry time” where you cogitate on your challenges. Any time a negative or worrying thought emerges, remind yourself to push it to "worry time".

- Set a timer for one minute and simply pause. Reflect on how you felt and what challenged you.

Today, I invite you to think about where is a good place you can try to insert strategic breaks between tasks and activities. It will help you regain thoughtfulness and calm so you can uncompress your day and get the most out of any activity.

Let me know how it goes.

Wishing you continued growth and success.

With gratitude,

Nora Paxton

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