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Is vulnerability seen as a liability or an asset in your workplace?

Vulnerability has traditionally been viewed as a weakness in the workplace. In some organization, some leaders reward perfectionism, emotional suppression while fostering the fear of failure. They invest a reasonable amount of time trying to manage ineffective and unproductive behaviors. Because it helps them keep things easy.

We all put a shield to protect our heart from it and being hurt. By doing so we kill courage. Being vulnerable becomes the feeling of being exposed . Showing our  flaws, imperfections, challenges is, for most people, completely terrifying. Because they question whether they are worthy of love, belonging, and connection.

The reality is that our emotional heart needs vulnerability for us to be courageous. Trust, innovation, creativity and accountability are fundamental behaviors to remain, engaged, to learn and stay curious.

As a leader it is necessary to push through the discomfort and embrace difficult conversations. It's never easy, but you'll be grateful and stronger when you're done!

Today I invite you to learn to take your mask/shield off, and lead from the heart.

Wishing you continuous success.

Your leader in hope.

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